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The Commandos Motorcycle Club History

The Commandos Motorcycle Club is comprised of active and retired Canadian Armed Forces and Allied Military Members.

The name “Commando” originated in the Boer War, where light, mobile commando units were undeniably better-suited to fight in their environment.  The name “Commando” was again adopted when Prime Minister Winston Churchill established an elite force after the Dunkirk evacuation in June of 1940.  The British formed a force capable of conducting irregular warfare in a range of different environments that went on to serve with distinction across the globe.  In 1942 the Commando Training Depot for all Allied Forces was established near Spean Bridge, Scotland.  British Commandos, United States Army Rangers and Commandos from Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, the Netherlands, Norway, and Poland trained there as well.

The Commandos MC was formed on the 28th of June 2015, as the Veteran Commandos Veteran Motorcycle Club by former members of the Veteran Paratroopers MC.  The Club had gone through numerous changes until the 5th of June of 2018 when the Club received its MC designation with a CANADA bottom rocker.

The Commandos Motorcycle Club was established as a true MC.  We are a non-territorial MC that respects all Clubs and Colours.  We respect all individuals’ rights, freedoms and expect the same of ours.  The Club’s Mission is to respond to the needs of Veterans and their families; Veterans, helping Veterans.  Our Vision is to honour, educate and remember the sacrifices of our Veterans and their families.  We welcome comradeship with like-minded Clubs who take pleasure in riding motorcycles.  New friendships create opportunities for business, travel and social networking throughout the world.  We support all Veteran Associations and welcome any new members that share our vision and philosophy.

The Commandos MC Colours consist of a Top Rocker “COMMANDOS”, a Centre Patch composed of a set of Wings, a Maple Leaf and a Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife which runs vertically through the center of the patch, a Motorcycle Club (MC) Cube, a Bottom Rocker “CANADA” and a 3rd Rocker or Side Rocker with “VETERAN”.

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